Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your adventure!


Corolla Parasailing is a one-of-a-kind Experience!

Your entire family will enjoy this relaxing flight and the breathtaking panoramic views of Corolla, Duck, the Currituck Sound and the Atlantic Ocean! Begin your adventure sitting down on the back deck of the boat and let your Captain and First Mate do the rest, as you fly comfortably over the beautiful Outer Banks. Fly high above the iconic Currituck Lighthouse and Whale Head Club in Corolla or cruise above the beautiful historic town of Duck. Your flight ends right where it began, as you sit down slowly and softly on the back deck of the boat. Fly solo or fly with a friend or two, as we offer single, double and triple flights. Our 12 passenger boats are top of the line Ocean Pros (the best on the market and in the parasail industry) and we fly on the hour.

WHY US? Corolla Parasail All Other Companies in Corolla
United States Coast Guard inspected vessel Yes No
Safety video at location Yes No
100% of crew CPR / First Aid certified Yes No
Up-to-date with leading edge in safety equipment in the industry Yes No
Member of WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association) Yes No
Follow WSIA weather standards Yes No
Follow WSIA equipment standards Yes No
Follow WSIA crew training standards Yes No
Over 10+ years parasailing in Corolla Yes No
Boat seats up to 12 passengers Yes No
Excellent A+ rating liability insurance Yes No

picture Packages

A great option to ensure the (dry!) safety of your personal equipment while still capturing the entire experience is to purchase one of our professional photo packages! The crew will take at least 50 shots of your experience from leaving the back of the boat, up through the air and your return. Using the most up-to-date professional camera and lens, you are guaranteed an incredible way to remember your trip! The packages also include the entire SD card to take home with you. Our captain will go over this with you while on the boat, but feel free to contact with any other questions!


Making a reservation is strongly suggested during our season, as we fly full boats on the hour, every hour. Reservations early in the week are urged because we are a weather dependent business. Give us a call today to ensure your family books an ideal time for everyone!

Make a reservation:

798 Sunset Blvd, Corolla, NC 27927

Frequently Asked Questions

Corolla and Duck Parasail are proud to highlight our 10 plus years of safety and experience. With something as safety-oriented as parasailing, you want to make sure you pick the right company. Corolla and Duck Parasail is the perfect choice for friends and family. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for unsafe conditions. Your safety is always our priority. We are consistently monitoring weather and are not hesitant to call it quits if Mother Nature is not ideal.
EXPERIENCE & WSIA Membership are two major components you should consider when choosing a company to parasail with. Both Corolla and Duck Parasail are active members of WSIA, and our captains have decades of experience! The captain and crew have flown thousands of people. They have worked all over, parasailing out of many places such as Ft. Myers Beach, FL; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Virginia Beach, VA; and St. Thomas. A great parasail captain has been trained specifically in parasailing for years before he or she takes the helm. Our captain and crew are certified in First Aid and CPR. With all our experience and knowledge over the years parasailing, it’s always a perfectly smooth ride!
We highly encourage you to plan your parasailing for the first few days of your trip. Parasailing is very weather dependent. That way if the weather does not cooperate, you will have other opportunities to fly with us. Some people make the mistake of trying to parasail the last few days of their vacation, only to have the weather not allow them to fly.
NO! Parasailing is very serene and peaceful. We take off and land slowly, so you don’t have to worry about a scary experience. While in the air all you can think about is the beautiful scenery.
When done in the right conditions parasailing is very safe. Because of the operating procedures we follow, we take every precaution possible to ensure the customer’s safety. Some of these procedures are: inspecting and changing our tow lines frequently and inspecting harnesses and flying equipment daily. We never fly if it’s too windy or in thunderstorms. If Mother Nature is not cooperating, we don’t hesitate to reschedule your flight. We follow these procedures because your SAFETY is our number one priority!
YES! Because of limited seating and our growing popularity, we highly encourage reservations. We always encourage people to book early in their trip because weather is sometimes a factor. Booking late in the trip may result in running out of time to parasail while you are here.
NO. Each flight is dependent on weight load and wind speeds. The weather varies from flight to flight and can vary minute by minute. You should expect to fly in the manner that the captain deems safest. Usually the captain needs at least 150 pounds in a chute, so small kids will always have to fly with a sibling or parent. If the flight has a combined weight over 350 pounds, it would be up to the captain to determine. Again all of this can vary according to weather conditions.
Both of our locations fly out on the Currituck Sound. You have a chance to see the Whale Head Club and the Currituck lighthouse from Corolla and the historic town of Duck from the air. You’ll get a clear panoramic view of the Currituck sound, the barrier island you are staying on, and the Atlantic Ocean. From both locations, we have a dock we pick up from, then you take our shuttle boat service directly to our parasail boats.
The whole excursion is part parasailing and part boat ride. Once on the boat, you can expect to be out on the water for about an hour. While waiting for flights, the crew will have music playing and can answer any questions you may have. We are here to show you a good time and a great parasail experience to remember.
Absolutely not! The way we fly is very controlled. You take off slowly and smoothly right from the back deck of the boat. If you opt for a dip, there is a fun part toward the end of the flight! The captain can dip your toes in the water if the conditions are ideal. You then land gently back on the deck of the boat.
Any age can fly and/or ride on the boat and those who wish not to fly are welcome to tag along for a nice boat ride. As long as you can properly fit in our USCG life jackets and our inspected harness, you can fly. Remember, small kids may have to go with a sibling or a parent for proper weight.
Most rides last from 10 to 12 minutes, depending on your height destination.
We can mark you down as an observer when you book (if there is room), and there is a fee. Being able to observe on the boat may change, as flyers always have priority! But if there is room once it is time to depart we would love to get you out on the water.
Gentlemen should wear shorts or a bathing suit and a t-shirt. Ladies should wear a bathing suit under clothing and delayer accordingly. Sometimes a long-sleeve shirt or a hoodie is nice to have, especially after a dip! Flip flops or sandals are ideal and nice to have for the walk down the dock.
Proper clothing is important and towels, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen are always nice to have. You are allowed to bring cameras at your own risk. For hot days, water is also nice to have since the boat ride is about an hour. You can purchase water at the booth.
If the captain wouldn’t fly his own mother, he won’t fly you either, as safety is our number one concern! If there is inclement weather anywhere nearby, we bring passengers back to land. Based on our weather radar, we may either go on stand-by or close down completely, the same is so for high winds. If you book and were not able to fly with us, you may choose to be refunded or rescheduled. We don’t push the limits. Again, the customer’s safety is always our number one priority.
We do offer photos! You get at least 50 shots from our high-end camera with a 200mm lens. You get the SD card directly from the camera and you leave the boat with your photos! No waiting after your boat ride to burn a CD or anything like that. Once you have your photos, you have the SD card to use at your disposal. They work in any camera that takes a SD card. Price varies per group size.
Of course! You are allowed to take the camera at your own risk. You should take into consideration the height and water risks. Also, on rougher days we bump around a bit and you run the risk of dropping your camera on the deck. For these reasons, our photo package is always a sure and safe bet when it comes to capturing your adventure.
We are open 7 days a week, weather permitting. Our boats go out every hour on the hour. Our first boat goes out at 9am and our last boat usually goes out at 6pm but, we have been known to run later hours, especially mid-summer due to high demand.
Corolla and Duck Parasail vessels are 31’ CWS Ocean Pros. These beautiful boats seat 12 passengers and are second to none in the parasail industry. They are as good as it gets when it comes to parasailing. They are specifically designed for the purpose of this watersport and are the most comfortable and dry parasail boats on the market. All of our vessels are U.S. Coast Guard inspected annually. This includes the vessels’ hull, engine and safety gear. Captain and crew are both certified in First Aid and CPR and practice drills regularly. Ask the company when doing research what kind of boat they have! If it’s not an Ocean Pro, Don’t Go!
We accept cash, debit cards, Visa, and MasterCard. We also conveniently have an ATM on-site.
Just like others in the service industry, the crew works very hard to make sure all your needs during your parasail experience are taken care of. It is customary to show your appreciation with 20% gratuity, if you’re happy with the experience.
We have the top two locations on the Outer Banks! Both are on the sound side, so simply pick the location closest to YOU!
Duck - 1446 Duck Road, Duck, NC 27949. This is located at North Duck Watersports in Duck. Look for the Big Green North Duck Watersports sign on the sound side.
Corolla - 798 Sunset Blvd, Corolla, NC 27927. This is located in the TimBuck II Shopping Center across from Food Lion. Look for the Kitty Hawk Watersports sign next to the mini golf course.
If parasailing is not on your bucket list, both locations provide a variety of options for everyone! Boat rentals, wave runners, paddleboards, and kayaks are all available.

Meet your crew!

Ed Jordan

Ed Jordan

Ed Jordan is 43-years-old and has been a licenced 100 Ton Master Captain for nineteen years. Working all the way from Maine to the Outer Banks, he has flown over 22,000 happy customers! Ed attended Maine Maritime Academy for four years, where he studied Small Vessel Operations and has been a commercial fisherman on the East Coast for eighteen years.

Jackie Winter

Jackie Winter

Jackie Winter has been a First Mate on parasail boats on this very beach since 2008! She has also worked as a First Mate on a salmon charter in Alaska and has crewed on luxury sailing yachts of up to 60 feet! Her enthusiasm for parasailing has led her to begin the process of obtaining her Captain’s license and she one day hopes to fly you, too!

Alex Winter

Alex Winter

Alex Winter has been a licenced 100 Ton Master Captain since 2006. He started working as a First Mate on parasail boats right here on the Outer Banks! Since then he has worked on the Gulf and East Coast of Florida, making him a year-round parasail Captain who’s flown over 20,000 smiling faces! Having learned his way around the waters of the Outer Banks, his local knowledge is second to none!

Adam Stein

Adam Stein

Adam Stein grew up on the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay, where he fell in love with life on the water from a very early age! He joined our parasailing family as a First Mate last year and we can’t wait for you to meet him!

Water Sports Industry Association

Mission Statement

The Water Sports Industry Association’s mission is to serve as the world’s leading trade association that promotes and protects towed water sports activities.

Vision Statement

To be the world’s leading industry advocate that communicates, produces and distributes safety and educational materials for towed water sports. The WSIA works with local, state and federal agencies in partnership with national and international governing bodies to ensure the use of waterways for towed water sports. As a group, we develop best practices and sustainable growth for all towed water sports.

WSIA Standard Guide for Monitoring Weather Conditions during Parasail Operation

Every commercial parasail operator vessel shall be equipped with a hard mount or handheld visual weather monitoring device for use by the vessel Master when operating with passengers. VHF alone is not acceptable.

The vessel Master shall check and be cognizant of both the current and forecasted weather conditions for the intended area of operation taking into account the intended duration of the parasail set.

The vessel Master shall maintain a weather log that includes: wind direction, wind speed, wave height, sky conditions. Weather observations shall be recorded by the vessel Master at the start of each day of operation and before each parasail set.

Commercial parasailing is prohibited when the current observed wind conditions in the area of operation include sustained wind speed of more than 20 mph, wind gusts of a difference of 15 mph greater than the sustained wind speed, the wind speed during gusts exceed 25 mph or rain or heavy fog results in reduced visibility of less than 0.5 mile, or when a known thunder/lightning storm comes within 7 miles of the parasailing area.

When wind gusts are observed in excess of those which prohibit parasailing operations, a minimum of 30 minutes must elapse without any observed wind gust speeds exceeding those that prohibit parasailing before resuming parasailing operations. In no case shall parasail operations be conducted in weather conditions that exceed the manufacturer’s specified limitations of the equipment being used.


Nancye Winter

April 23, 2016 at 7:47am ~ Facebook

After going parasailing several years ago, I cannot imagine going to the Outer Banks without going back to Corolla Parasailing. My family and I went parasailing and it is an amazing adventure. I am terrified of heights but once we were up, it was an amazing and peaceful experience and I felt no fear. My family will be back there in June and plan to go again!

The captain and first mate are extremely professional and provide a safe exciting experience like no other.. Don't miss it!

Russell Johnson

July 7, 2016 ~ Facebook

Awesome experience! My girls loved it and so did I. The crew was great, kept us informed and made the experience fun for all. Highly recommend this crew for the best time possible!

Shannon Murphy

August 19, 2016 ~ Facebook

Such a great time - Captain Alex and his matey were so friendly and accommodating! :). It was so great we are going twice on this vacay

Omar J.

June 4, 2016 ~ Yelp

My first time up and it won't be my last! Great fun, highly recommend the ride. You're in the sky for a nice ride, flying over the bay - it's smooth and relaxing. You get all of your instructions from your captain (Alex) and you don't have to worry about a thing once you're in the air and coming back down. Nervous? You shouldn't be! You won't regret it!

Guppie F.

July 3, 2016 ~ Yelp

Where do I start! My family and I love this place! Every year we come to Corolla Parasail and we have never been disappointed. The service is amazing, our rides have been great and overall the prices were reasonable. We look forward to coming back next year !

Eileen W

September 19, 2016 ~ Trip Advisor


Great fun. Staff was polite, funny and great company. They made this fun experience even more enjoyable.

Aaron B

August 18, 2016 ~ Trip Advisor


We went with a group of 7. The tour started on time and was a blast. Alex drove the boat, he was quiet with a few comments. Colan kept us entertained as he took pictures and set up the next parasailer. The service was fun and efficient. I would recommend this service.


July 18, 2016 ~ Trip Advisor

“First time parasailing”

Down with friends and made a reservation for the next day. They were very accommodating and polite when we arrived. The shuttle boat Captain out to the parasail boat was fun and knowledgeable. The Captain and Mate for the parasail boat were fun and energetic, and they also tried to put tensions at ease.

John G

July 5, 2016 ~ Trip Advisor

“First time super fun!”

Awesome fun! We had a group of eight first-timers ranging from six years old to forty-four years old. The captain and his helper were great. We all felt safe and the experience was a blast! Can't recommend any higher. A++


July 1, 2016 ~ Trip Advisor

“Fun in the sun!”

This was our 2nd time at OBX and 2nd time to Corolla Parasail. I went with my 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter. The staff was friendly and informative from the person who we paid to the staff on the pier, the boat driver who shuttled us to the parasail boat and of course the captain and 1st mate.

If you enjoyed your experience to tell us about it:

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Corolla Parasail will be open for season on May 1st and our office is open year round. All e-mails will be answered promptly at


798 Sunset Blvd, Corolla, NC 27927



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